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Meals are served with fresh or canned fruit and a carton of milk.

All meals are subject to change without notice.  If there is a 1 or 2 hour delay in the morning, due to conditions beyond our control, we may have to change the menu from what was originally planned.  There are two ways a Parent / Guardian can address this situation:


  1. Call the Food Service Dept. @ 8am for a 1 hour delay or 9am for a 2 hour delay to inquire what the meal will be.
  2. Feel free to pack your child's lunch to ensure your child has something they will eat. The school is trying to be proactive as to not have a lot of waste.


Please make your child's lunch payment on Monday of each week.
Ask about the Free & Reduced Lunch & Breakfast Program, you may qualify even if you think you don't.  Any questions please call the Food Service Department for details @ (413) 423-3326 x232.

Breakfast Daily: $1.00 Weekly: $5.00 2 Weeks: $10.00 1 Month: $20.00
Reduced Daily: $0.30 Weekly: $1.50 2 Weeks: $3.00 1 Month: $6.00

Lunch Daily: $2.30 Weekly: $11.50 2 Weeks: $23.00 1 Month: $46.00
Reduced Daily: $0.40 Weekly: $2.00 2 Weeks: $4.00 1 Month: $8.00

One out of every six fifth-graders doesn't eat breakfast, and older children are much more likely to skip the most important meal of the day. Is your child one of them? Children who eat breakfast are more alert than those who don't and they perform better in school. They are also more creative and energetic. Children who skip breakfast have trouble concentrating and are absent and tardy more often. Breakfast helps children get a jump start on the nutrients they need for the day. Traditional breakfast foods such as cereal toast and fruit are rich in nutrients. But so are other more creative foods, such as pizza or tacos, for breakfast.